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      What Is Bitstamp?

      Bitstamp was founded in 2011, just two years after the creation of Bitcoin. The company may lay claim to the title of the longest-running crypto exchange on the planet.


      While the company offers advanced features that crypto trading enthusiasts require, Bitstamp continues to focus on the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. It simplifies the crypto buying process (register, fund, and trade) and provides a high level of security on its platform.


      What Does It Offer?

      Bitstamp is a crypto exchange committed to making access to crypto easier. It helps everyday people transition into crypto trading with an intuitive exchange and solid trading guides. But the company also supports advanced crypto traders with charts, API access, and trading rules.


      Buy and Sell 70+ Crypto ‘Tokens’

      Bitstamp supports more than 70 unique tokens, which is really just another name for cryptocurrency or cryptoasset. Tokens mainly refer to cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum, even though those are technically tokens too.


      Compared to other largest exchanges, Bitsamp doesn’t offer as many tokens, but just know that most of the big name tokens can be traded through Bitstamp.


      Staking Not Available in the U.S.

      Staking is a process where a known token in the blockchain is used to verify and validate the blocks on the blockchain. In exchange for locking up access to assets for a while, investors receive a small reward for participating in the blockchain.


      Staking reduces the energy consumption associated with the blockchain while maintaining the validity of the chain. Bitstamp allows investors to earn passive crypto by staking Ether (ETH) or Algorand (ALGO). Unfortunately, this option isn’t available to investors based inside the United States.


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      Same Price for Advanced Trading Platform

      Bitstamp has an advanced crypto trading platform called Tradeview. This platform supports all kinds of advanced visualizations and trading options.


      Most crypto enthusiasts won’t need all the functionality that comes on Tradeview, but the platform doesn’t cost extra. Anyone who wants to do research can use the advanced trading platform.